Technical Updates

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InkFlow ink simulations - 09 Mar 2021

InkFlow v2.0.0
VectorScribe v4.5.2
  • Improvement: Dynamic Shapes now recognizes more circle-like paths when in non-Strict mode.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash when recognizing certain paths as Dynamic Shapes.
  • Bug fix: Dynamic Measure now displays path areas correctly when the units are set to picas.
  • Bug fix: The Extend Path tool no longer improperly extends multiple paths in bezier extension mode if the path under the cursor is curved but some of the other paths are straight.

AG Splatter - February 2021 - 08 Feb 2021

FindReplace v1.4.1
  • Added support for finding art with AG Architect and AG Splatter live effects.
Phantasm v5.4.1
  • Bug fix: The Duotone dialog no longer displays with partially transparent areas under macOS Big Sur.
Stylism v2.9.0
  • New feature: AG Splatter live effect with associated panel.
    Get creative in Illustrator with AG Splatter
  • Improvement: AG Offsets can now be detached from the artwork without expanding it.
  • Improvement: When an AG Block Shadow is applied to complicated artwork and would take a long time to process, a warning dialog now lets you stop the operation.
  • Bug fix: AG Architect strokes are now scaled with artwork when "Scale Strokes & Effects" is enabled.
Texturino v2.4.1
  • Improvement: When a texture is applied to artwork with an existing InkFlow or native Outline Stroke live effect, the Texture live effect is now positioned below the InkFlow or Outline Stroke.
VectorScribe v4.5.1
  • New feature: The Dynamic Corners panel now contains a menu item to remove the dynamic status of all corners in the document.
  • New feature: The Dynamic Corners tool now includes a preference that allows all dynamic corners to have their dynamic statuses removed when the tool is deselected.
  • Bug fix: The Dynamic Measure tool now shows exact point angle values when hovering over smooth anchor points.
WidthScribe v3.4.1
  • Width Stamps are no longer applicable to sublayers, as this results in an Illustrator file which cannot be read back in.
  • Bug fix: Width Stamp settings files which include an RGB spot color are now read back in correctly.