Technical Updates

Early July 2023 updates - 05 Jul 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.6.5
  • Add missing 'V' keypress for ColliderScribe tools when marqueeing.
ColliderScribe v3.8.4
  • Improvement: Anchor points are no longer added to locked, stationary paths when the preference "Add Points to Paths at Collisions" is enabled.
  • Improvement: The tool cursor now indicates whether the preference "Add Points to Paths at Collisions" is enabled.
  • Bug fix: The Rotate To Collision tool no longer displays out-of-date snapping annotations once a drag has started.
Stylism v3.6.8
  • Improvement: AG Architect, AG Block Shadow, AG Offset, and AG Splatter effects will ignore clipping paths marked with the string "AGIgnore" in their notes when calculating the shape from which to create the effect.
  • Bug fix: When custom colors are present in or loaded into the AG Architect, AG Block Shadow, AG Offset, and AG Splatter panels, those colors are no longer immediately added to new or opened documents unless the live effect is actually applied to artwork.
  • Bug fix: Live Effect Explorer annotations might no longer be left on the artboard after the dialog is closed.
SubScribe v4.1.6
  • Bug fix: Fixed typo and missing text in the Circle by Points preferences dialog.
  • Bug fix: Arcs now correctly join to open paths when the other end lies on a different path's non-endpoint.
  • Bug fix: Added missing Art Switcher panel icon (Mac)
  • Bug fix: Changing the Arc by Points Third Point mode on the fly without moving the cursor now correctly updates the annotated arc radius.
  • Bug fix: Gradients on Compound Shapes are now correctly detected by Gradiator and Gradient Forge.
VectorScribe v5.1.5
  • Bug fix: The scaled radius field of the Extend Path live effect no longer has incorrect increment values when the units are set to millimeters.
WidthScribe v3.7.5
  • Improvement: The Width Stamp color chips now indicates whether the color is a global or spot color, and shows its name/component values when hovering over it.
  • Improvement: Width Stamps can now use RGB colors in RGB documents.
  • Bug fix: When a custom color is present in or loaded into the Width Stamp panel, the color is no longer immediately added to new or opened documents unless the Width Stamp is actually created.
  • Bug fix: Tweaked the Width Stamp panel to avoid cut off text at 125% UI scaling (Win).

Mid-June 2023 minor updates - 14 Jun 2023

FindReplace v1.7.7
  • Bug fix: Rotation matching is now correct when replacing a group.
Stipplism v2.6.4
  • Improvement: When using Symbol Stipple with "Rotation Follows Paths", you can now choose to ignore filled/stroked paths.
  • Improvement: Symbol Stipples can now have densities as low as 0.01%.
  • Improvement: The default dot size for a Stipple now takes into account the current document units.
  • Bug fix: Clicking on the up or down arrow of a numerical entry field no longer continues to increment/decrement the value [Windows].
SubScribe v4.1.3
  • Bug fix: After updating a single layer comp, the Prev/Next buttons now work as expected.
  • Bug fix: Gradiator > Gradient Fill to Lines no longer leaves the lines in a state where their strokes cannot be outlined.
VectorFirstAid v4.0.6
  • Improvement: Text objects that have been split now have their bounding box rotations set to their baselines.
VectorScribe v5.1.4
  • Improvement: The Make Shape live effect now sets the rotation on the bounding boxes of rotated shapes.
  • Bug fix: The Make Shape live effect now works properly on pluginGroup art (including those that are internally created when the effect is placed inside brushed strokes).