Technical Updates

Early-March 2023 updates - 07 Mar 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.6.2
  • Improvement: QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts are now supported (option in AstuteBuddy Preferences)
FindReplace v1.7.6
  • Bug fix: Paths with stroke weights of exactly certain values are now correctly found when the weight value is entered in the value fields rather than being picked up with the eyedropper control.
VectorScribe v5.0.5
  • New feature: "Extend Path" live effect.
  • New feature: "Add Points" live effect.
  • New feature: "Convert To Smooth" live effect.
  • New feature: "Reverse Path" live effect.

SubScribe v4.0 - 06 Feb 2023

SubScribe v4.0.0
  • New feature: Gradiator panel.
    Gradiator documentation »
  • New feature: Gradient Forge panel.
    Gradient Forge documentation »
  • New feature: An Arc by Points can now replace an existing path segment with the preference "Replace Existing Path Segments".
  • Improvement: Placed objects are more reliably straightened with the Quick Orient tool.
Stipplism v2.6.2
  • New feature: Stipple and Symbol Stipple effects can now be clipped to the object's outline, similarly to Phantasm's Halftone effect.
VectorScribe v5.0.2
  • New feature: "Make Shape" live effect.
  • New feature: "Release Compound Path" live effect.
  • New feature: "Split Path to Segments" live effect.
  • Improvement: PathScribe's "Reverse Path" is now consistent with the native "Object > Path > Reverse Path Direction" in regards to the position of the starting point of closed path.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible crash in Windows when applying Dynamic Corner to a path being live mirrored by MirrorMe.
  • Bug fix: The PathScribe panel's "In" handle label has been restored.