Technical Updates

Early August 2022 updates - 03 Aug 2022

AstuteBuddy v1.5.0
  • InkFlow keypresses added.
InkFlow v2.2.6
  • Improvement: If an InkFlow artwork object is selected, the [ and ] keys deselects the path(s). If no InkFlow artwork is selected, the [ and ] keys revert to increasing or decreasing the brush size.
  • Improvement: [ and ] keypresses now shown in AstuteBuddy v1.5.0 and above.
  • Improvement: Support for Large Canvas mode.
  • Bug fix: Panel text no longer cut off.
  • Bug fix: Toggling the visibility of the extended panel controls from the fly-out menu no longer causes a brush change.
SubScribe v3.6.8
  • Improvement: The Perpendicular Line tool now uses a different snapping icon from the Tangent Line tool.
  • Improvement: You can now switch between the Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line tools using the Decrease Tool Diameter keypress (by default, the left bracket key) when the mouse button is up.

Illustrator 2022 v26-4 essential update - 18 Jul 2022

FindReplace v1.6.5
  • Bug fix: Finding art which has a color "close to" a global process color now works correctly.
Randomino v1.0.2
  • Bug fix: The Rename Settings dialog no longer erroneously accepts an empty name.
  • Bug fix: Units on the Perturb panel are now correctly updated when a document is opened.
SubScribe v3.6.6
  • Bug fix: The Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line tools now properly display the line length when snapping from no path (or the corner point of a path) to another path.
VectorScribe v4.8.7
  • Improvement: The PathScribe, Extend Path, and Reposition Point tools now have more descriptive Undo/Redo text.
  • Bug fix: Click-selecting with the PathScribe tool no longer creates spurious Undos.