Technical Updates

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Extract dashes and more - 31 Aug 2022

ColliderScribe v3.7.7
  • Bug fix: When a group with a live effect applied contains text, the Super Marquee tool no longer causes the live effect to be re-calculated when "Get Bounds of Text Objects Using Text Outlines" is enabled.
SubScribe v3.6.9
  • Improvement: Horizontal and vertical path segments shifted with the Straighten tool now snap to the cursor when using Smart Guides.
VectorFirstAid v3.9.9
  • Experimental new feature: Super Smart Point Removal function now accessible via Illustrator JavaScript scripting. For details, join the Astute Graphics Slack community - - and join the #js-scripting channel.
  • Bug fix: Removing duplicate art (path geometry only) no longer erroneously considers hidden art when checking for duplicates.
VectorScribe v4.8.8
  • New feature: "Extract Dashes" (PathScribe panel menu item) converts a path with a dashed stroke into a compound path made of separate, non-dashed subpaths.
  • Bug fix: Thin Dynamic Rectangles no longer show incorrectly placed slice lines when the slice lines lie along the top edge.
  • Bug fix: Fixed obscure crashes when using the Reposition Point tool on multiple paths and on extremely tiny paths.
  • Added warning message on potential user error of attempting to use the Reposition Point tool on all anchor points of longer paths.

Early August 2022 updates - 03 Aug 2022

AstuteBuddy v1.5.0
  • InkFlow keypresses added.
InkFlow v2.2.6
  • Improvement: If an InkFlow artwork object is selected, the [ and ] keys deselects the path(s). If no InkFlow artwork is selected, the [ and ] keys revert to increasing or decreasing the brush size.
  • Improvement: [ and ] keypresses now shown in AstuteBuddy v1.5.0 and above.
  • Improvement: Support for Large Canvas mode.
  • Bug fix: Panel text no longer cut off.
  • Bug fix: Toggling the visibility of the extended panel controls from the fly-out menu no longer causes a brush change.
SubScribe v3.6.8
  • Improvement: The Perpendicular Line tool now uses a different snapping icon from the Tangent Line tool.
  • Improvement: You can now switch between the Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line tools using the Decrease Tool Diameter keypress (by default, the left bracket key) when the mouse button is up.