Technical Updates

Late November 2023 minor updates - 15 Nov 2023

DynamicSketch v3.8.1
  • Bug fix: Paths drawn using input type "Sketching Speed" and then changed to "None" can now have their strokes inside or outside aligned.
Phantasm v5.7.2
  • Bug fix: The Select > Spot Colors menu item now properly selects symbols, Space Fill objects, and objects with live effects which use spot colors (such as a Stipple or AG Block Shadow).
Rasterino v2.8.2
  • Bug fix: Increments for the width and height fields are now correct in the Crop Image dialog.
SubScribe v4.5.2
  • Improvement: Art Switcher is now actionable.
VectorScribe v5.2.2
  • New feature: The Dashify live effect now has an offset parameter.
  • Improvement: The Extract Dashes function now supports paths which have had dash offsets applied (using scripts or third-party plugins).
  • Bug fix: Hovering the Dynamic Corner tool over the endpoint of a corner which was maximized against an existing anchor point no longer erroneously offers to create a new corner at that location.
  • Bug fix: Certain squircular corners no longer move between zero-radius and maximum radius when dragged by the corner segment with the Dynamic Corners tool.
  • Bug fix: The Smart Remove Brush tool no longer affects hidden subpaths of a compound path.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible incorrect Dash Extraction on certain closed paths.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible incorrect Dash Extraction an open path containing a single dash.
  • Bug fix: Dashify live effect dash and gap lengths are now correct in Large Canvas documents.

Early November 2023 updates - 01 Nov 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.7.1
  • Keypress for SubScribe Connect tool added.
Phantasm v5.7.1
  • Plugin changed from "Core" category (green) to "Effects" (magenta) to better reflect its functionality.
  • Improvement: A tips dialog has been added (accessible through the Halftone parameters dialog when a symbol is chosen as the dot shape) that gives useful information about symbol variants.
  • Bug fix: The advanced option "Overprint" checkboxes are now dimmed correctly.
  • Bug fix: The advanced Option "Overprint Pure Black" checkbox is now dimmed correctly.
  • Bug fix: The advanced option "Auto Rasterize" is (correctly) no longer available if the "Apply to: Text" checkbox is unticked.
  • Bug fix: The Duotone "Original Tint" value is now visible on Windows.
  • Bug fix: The Curves and Halftone input and output values when hovering over the graph are now visible on Windows.
Rasterino v2.8.1
  • New feature: A new button on the panel removes any image transforms (i.e., resets the transformation matrix) of the selected raster/placed artwork.
Reform v3.1.3
  • Improvement: When Reform Text has no object to work on, it now displays text detailing what to select to enable the tool.
  • Improvement: When a Reform is applied to objects with straight lines, the corners are marked as sharp corners.
  • Big fix: When the Reform Text panel is expanded from the collapsed tab, it now updates to reflect the selection.
  • Big fix: Reform Text panel now opens when "Window > Astute Graphics > Show All" is used.
SubScribe v4.5.1
  • Improvement: When dragging with the Connect tool to adjust handles, the Shift key may now be pressed to keep the handles lengths equal.
  • Bug fix: The Arc by Points tool now correctly snaps to the arc's endpoint when clicking-and-dragging.
  • Bug fix: When clearing the "broken layer comp" icon, the layer comp is now correctly "healed" by removing the broken layers, so the warning does not re-appear.
VectorFirstAid v4.1.1
  • Bug fix: Using "Break Text at Insertion Point" at the start of the second line of a text object whose first line is solely a hard or soft linebreak no longer causes a crash.
VectorScribe v5.2.1
  • New feature: The Dynamic Measure panel includes a new flyout menu item, "Apply Measurements to Selected Open Paths".
  • Improvement: Dashify live effect dashes and gaps may now be up to 16000 pt in length.
  • Bug fix: The Extend Path live effect now gives correct results when Bezier extension applied to both ends of a single-segment, curved path.
  • Bug fix: The Dashify live effect now gives correct results when the dash gap is so large that only a single dash appears at the start of a path.