Technical Updates

Early January 2024 update - 04 Jan 2024

AstuteBuddy v1.7.3
  • Add new keypress for PathScribe tool when marqueeing ghost handles.
  • Added support for ColliderScribe Super Marquee tool new 'T' keypress.
ColliderScribe v3.9.1
  • New feature: The Super Marquee tool now has a "Text only" mode, where only text objects will be selected; it can be toggled on or off while marqueeing with the 'T' key.
  • Bug fix: Dialog tool tips now display once more on macOS 14 Sonoma.
Phantasm v5.7.3
  • Bug fix: Restored missing warning dialog (indicating when the Auto Rasterize setting is needed) on Mac, which could cause an unrelated dialog from another plugin to be displayed.
Stylism v3.7.3
  • New feature: All selected instances of one or more live effects can now be shown or hidden from the Live Effect Explorer dialog.
  • Improvement: The Live Effect Explorer dialog can be made taller to show more rows of effects. Option located in Stylism tool's Preference dialog.
  • Bug fix: Dialog tool tips display once more on macOS 14 Sonoma.
SubScribe v4.5.4
  • New feature: The Gradient Forge panel now has two additional flyout menu items: Combine Selected Stops and Stack Selected Stops.
  • Bug fix: The Orient Transform tool now respects Draw Behind mode when duplicating art.
  • Bug fix: Dialog tool tips now display once more on macOS 14 Sonoma.
VectorScribe v5.2.8
  • New feature: The Dashify live effect now has a new option, when using the alternate alignment method for open paths, to ensure that the path always ends on the first dash in the dash pattern.
  • New feature: The PathScribe panel includes a new menu item which can convert all visible ghost handles to real handles.
  • New feature: When marqueeing ghost handles, the PathScribe tool can now convert them to real handles by pressing the 'G' key.
  • Bug fix: PathScribe's ghost handles are no longer confusingly displayed when in multi-handle mode (as they can't be operated on).
  • Bug fix: PathScribe's ghost handles are now correctly displayed when switching to the PathScribe tool when a path selection already exists.
  • Bug fix: Clicking on a ghost handle with the PathScribe tool (without dragging) will no longer shift it slightly.
  • Bug fix: The PathScribe tool no longer erroneously edits locked guides.
  • Bug fix: Dialog tool tips now display once more on macOS 14 Sonoma.

Late November 2023 minor updates - 15 Nov 2023

DynamicSketch v3.8.1
  • Bug fix: Paths drawn using input type "Sketching Speed" and then changed to "None" can now have their strokes inside or outside aligned.
Phantasm v5.7.2
  • Bug fix: The Select > Spot Colors menu item now properly selects symbols, Space Fill objects, and objects with live effects which use spot colors (such as a Stipple or AG Block Shadow).
Rasterino v2.8.2
  • Bug fix: Increments for the width and height fields are now correct in the Crop Image dialog.
SubScribe v4.5.2
  • Improvement: Art Switcher is now actionable.
VectorScribe v5.2.2
  • New feature: The Dashify live effect now has an offset parameter.
  • Improvement: The Extract Dashes function now supports paths which have had dash offsets applied (using scripts or third-party plugins).
  • Bug fix: Hovering the Dynamic Corner tool over the endpoint of a corner which was maximized against an existing anchor point no longer erroneously offers to create a new corner at that location.
  • Bug fix: Certain squircular corners no longer move between zero-radius and maximum radius when dragged by the corner segment with the Dynamic Corners tool.
  • Bug fix: The Smart Remove Brush tool no longer affects hidden subpaths of a compound path.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible incorrect Dash Extraction on certain closed paths.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible incorrect Dash Extraction an open path containing a single dash.
  • Bug fix: Dashify live effect dash and gap lengths are now correct in Large Canvas documents.