Technical Updates

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Illustrator 2022 v26-4 essential update - 18 Jul 2022

FindReplace v1.6.5
  • Bug fix: Finding art which has a color "close to" a global process color now works correctly.
Randomino v1.0.2
  • Bug fix: The Rename Settings dialog no longer erroneously accepts an empty name.
  • Bug fix: Units on the Perturb panel are now correctly updated when a document is opened.
SubScribe v3.6.6
  • Bug fix: The Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line tools now properly display the line length when snapping from no path (or the corner point of a path) to another path.
VectorScribe v4.8.7
  • Improvement: The PathScribe, Extend Path, and Reposition Point tools now have more descriptive Undo/Redo text.
  • Bug fix: Click-selecting with the PathScribe tool no longer creates spurious Undos.

June 2022 bug fixes - 23 Jun 2022

Stipplism v2.5.3
  • Bug fix: Stipple live Effect "Overprint" checkbox made operative again.
Stylism v3.4.3
  • Bug fix: Detaching a Curvature Visualizer with "Replace Originals" is now correct.
  • Bug fix: AG Drop Shadows, when applied to various rotated ellipses, are now correct.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash when AG Offset applied to certain compound paths.