Technical Updates

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May 2021 updates - 11 May 2021

InkScribe v2.4.1
  • Improvement: InkScribe now automatically adjusts the point type of the prior point when extending or closing a path if the new segment is straight and the prior point had no handle.
    Watch the video demonstration for this change
  • Improvement: When using the 'R' key to retract the handles of a path segment when dragging it, the outfacing, retained handles are now restored to their original, pre-drag positions (as per the PathScribe tool).
  • Bug fix: The entire window might no longer turn blue or white when first using the InkScribe tool.
Stylism v3.1.0
VectorFirstAid v3.6.0
  • New feature: New panel menu item "Remove Astute Graphics Active Content" removes the dynamic statuses of Dynamic Shapes/Corners, removes MirrorMe axes, and expands all Astute Graphics live effects as well as Space Fill and Width Stamp objects.
    Watch the video demonstration for this change
  • New feature: A new menu item under the main "Type" menu item lets you remove all paragraph breaks (return characters) from all selected type objects.
    Read more about this feature
  • New feature: The Super Smart Remove function now includes a "Protect Sharp Corners" option which will always keep points where the path changes direction sharply, regardless of the tolerance setting.

April 2021 bug fixes - 21 Apr 2021

DirectPrefs v1.4.1
  • Bug fix: The "Learn..." panel menu item now works correctly.
DynamicSketch v3.4.1
  • Bug fix: Paths with different styles (such as Dynamic Sketch strokes drawn using variable stroke widths) are now again joined after being trimmed using the Dynamic Sketch tool.
Stylism v3.0.1
  • Bug fix: AG Offset no longer erroneously detects all stroked paths as "complex".