Technical Updates

Late November 2022 updates - 24 Nov 2022

Stylism v3.6.2
  • New feature: Effect > Live Effect Explorer.
    Learn more about this new feature.
  • Bug fix: Fixed rare crash when AG Block Shadow was applied to extremely short paths.
  • Bug fix: Fixed possible crash when cancelling long AG Offset operation.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with tool cursor annotations remaining on the screen if the tool was changed with a keystroke while they were being displayed.
VectorFirstAid v4.0.2
  • Bug fix: Swatch colors used only in gradients on path strokes are no longer erroneously marked as unnecessary.
VectorScribe v5.0.0

Early November 2022 updates - 03 Nov 2022

FindReplace v1.7.3
  • AG Curvature Visualizer can now be specified when finding by Live Effect.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with the active layer erroneously changing in certain circumstances when replacement art is present.
MirrorMe v3.5.2
  • Bug fix: Clicking the panel labels now correctly selects the adjacent input field text.
Stylism v3.5.2
  • Improvement: After changing a value and pressing Tab, the succeeding input field now remains highlighted.
  • Improvement: You can now click on a color chip's label as well as the color chip itself to open the color picker.
  • Bug fix: AG Offset no longer might offset a near-circular path incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: The AG Block Shadow tool now correctly detects shadows under the cursor when the shadow is placed on a compound path.
VectorScribe v4.9.4
  • Improvement: If Shift is held down when clicking the Split Path button, the unnecessary handles at the split point are immediately removed.
  • Bug fix: Shift-clicking or Shift-marquee deselecting the first or last segment of an open path no longer leaves the path in a non-supported selection state which could cause a crash when used with other functions such as adding anchor points.