Technical Updates

Early November 2023 updates - 01 Nov 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.7.1
  • Keypress for SubScribe Connect tool added.
Phantasm v5.7.1
  • Plugin changed from "Core" category (green) to "Effects" (magenta) to better reflect its functionality.
  • Improvement: A tips dialog has been added (accessible through the Halftone parameters dialog when a symbol is chosen as the dot shape) that gives useful information about symbol variants.
  • Bug fix: The advanced option "Overprint" checkboxes are now dimmed correctly.
  • Bug fix: The advanced Option "Overprint Pure Black" checkbox is now dimmed correctly.
  • Bug fix: The advanced option "Auto Rasterize" is (correctly) no longer available if the "Apply to: Text" checkbox is unticked.
  • Bug fix: The Duotone "Original Tint" value is now visible on Windows.
  • Bug fix: The Curves and Halftone input and output values when hovering over the graph are now visible on Windows.
Rasterino v2.8.1
  • New feature: A new button on the panel removes any image transforms (i.e., resets the transformation matrix) of the selected raster/placed artwork.
Reform v3.1.3
  • Improvement: When Reform Text has no object to work on, it now displays text detailing what to select to enable the tool.
  • Improvement: When a Reform is applied to objects with straight lines, the corners are marked as sharp corners.
  • Big fix: When the Reform Text panel is expanded from the collapsed tab, it now updates to reflect the selection.
  • Big fix: Reform Text panel now opens when "Window > Astute Graphics > Show All" is used.
SubScribe v4.5.1
  • Improvement: When dragging with the Connect tool to adjust handles, the Shift key may now be pressed to keep the handles lengths equal.
  • Bug fix: The Arc by Points tool now correctly snaps to the arc's endpoint when clicking-and-dragging.
  • Bug fix: When clearing the "broken layer comp" icon, the layer comp is now correctly "healed" by removing the broken layers, so the warning does not re-appear.
VectorFirstAid v4.1.1
  • Bug fix: Using "Break Text at Insertion Point" at the start of the second line of a text object whose first line is solely a hard or soft linebreak no longer causes a crash.
VectorScribe v5.2.1
  • New feature: The Dynamic Measure panel includes a new flyout menu item, "Apply Measurements to Selected Open Paths".
  • Improvement: Dashify live effect dashes and gaps may now be up to 16000 pt in length.
  • Bug fix: The Extend Path live effect now gives correct results when Bezier extension applied to both ends of a single-segment, curved path.
  • Bug fix: The Dashify live effect now gives correct results when the dash gap is so large that only a single dash appears at the start of a path.

Adobe Illustrator 2024 - 18 Oct 2023

AstuteBuddy v1.7.0
Autosaviour v2.8.0
ColliderScribe v3.9.0
DirectPrefs v1.8.0
DynamicSketch v3.8.0
FindReplace v1.8.0
InkFlow v2.3.5
InkQuest v2.7.0
InkScribe v2.8.0
MirrorMe v3.6.0
Phantasm v5.7.0
Randomino v1.2.0
Rasterino v2.8.0
Reform v3.1.1
Stipplism v2.7.0
Stylism v3.7.0
SubScribe v4.5.0
Texturino v2.8.0
VectorFirstAid v4.1.0
VectorScribe v5.2.0
WidthScribe v3.8.0