Technical Updates

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Mid-February 2022 updates - 14 Feb 2022

AstuteBuddy v1.4.5
  • Updated keypresses for latest releases.
FindReplace v1.6.2
  • Added support for future Perturb live effect when finding art.
Texturino v2.6.3
  • Improvement: Texture panel now has flyout menu items which allow you to hide, show, or remove all Texture live effects in selected artwork.
VectorFirstAid v3.9.5
  • Added support for future Perturb live effect when removing all active Astute Graphics content.
VectorScribe v4.7.7
  • Improvement: PathScribe's corner removal now works when the corner is at the end of an open path.
  • Bug fix: The Smart Remove Brush now correctly removes points from a series of bezier curves which lack a handle at one or both ends.
  • Bug fix: Dynamic Measures created as transient no longer reappear each time an Undo or Redo operation is made.

Mid-January 2022 updates - 13 Jan 2022

ColliderScribe v3.7.3
  • Improvement: The Collision Spacing parameter in the preferences dialog is now step-incremented using the current units.
Stylism v3.3.9
  • Improvement: When the AG Offset cursor is passed over a lengthy text object which would cause a significant delay in creating its offset path, a warning is now shown allowing you to ignore that object during the current tool session.
  • Bug fix: The Effect > Stylism > AG Offset... menu item is no longer disabled when only text objects are selected.
  • Bug fix: "Treat Groups as Compound Paths" now works correctly for stacked, multiple AG Offset live effects applied to a group or layer.
  • Bug fix: Changing an AG Offset's easing parameter using the parameter slider no longer creates numerous Undos for each movement of the slider.
  • Bug fix: Applying a native Transform effect to a layer with the Stylism panel, or targeting such a layer with the Stylism tool active no longer erroneously duplicates the layer.
SubScribe v3.6.4
  • Improvement: When starting a Perpendicular or Tangent Line and snapping to an existing path, the snapping annotation now indicates whether the snap is to an anchor point or straight segment midpoint.
  • Bug fix: The Arc by Points Tool now correctly indicates tangent snaps when ending the arc at an open path endpoint and dragging the arc's direction line.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where the Perpendicular Line and Tangent Line Tools might create the line at an incorrect angle to the last point of an open path.
VectorFirstAid v3.9.4
  • Improvement: When showing axis-alignable paths, the specific path segments which can be aligned are now highlighted rather than the entire path.
  • Improvement: Holding down the Shift key while choosing the panel "Break Text at Selection" menu item causes only the text object created from the highlighted text to remain selected.
  • Bug fix: Breaking text no longer incorrectly removes its appearance (for appearances applied at the text object level).
  • Bug fix: Colorized symbols and symbol variants used only in Symbol Stipple live effects are no longer erroneously flagged as unused.