Technical Updates

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VectorScribe v4.8 - 21 Mar 2022

AstuteBuddy v1.4.7
  • Add support for new VectorScribe keypresses.
  • Bug fix: First-column text is no longer cut off on Mac for certain tool/key combinations.
MirrorMe v3.4.3
  • Bug fix: Panel units are now updated when changed while a document is open.
Randomino v1.0.1
  • Bug fix: Subpaths of grouped compound paths are no longer incorrectly scaled, moved, and rotated independently when "Ignore Grouping" is enabled.
  • Bug fix: The Randomino panel no longer erroneously double-transforms members of subgroups when "Ignore Grouping" is enabled.
Rasterino v2.6.3
  • Improvement: Trim function may now be recorded in an Action.
  • Bug fix: Trim no longer removes one extra pixel at the right and bottom of the image.
VectorScribe v4.8.3
  • New feature: PathScribe now has more options for creating or modifying anchor point selections. You can set the selection based on point type or by position, grow the selection, shrink the selection, or invert the selection.
    Watch a tutorial video showing these new functions.
  • New feature: When using the PathScribe panel to view the coordinates of multiple anchor points, you can now optionally show their range of coordinates rather than a blank field indicating mixed values. Enable the new PathScribe preference "Show Anchor Point Coordinate Ranges" to see this. Also, you can average the coordinates in just the X, just the Y, or both directions.
  • New feature: You can now change the type and method of Dynamic Corners while dragging to create them by pressing the 'C' and 'M' keys, respectively.
  • New feature: You can now enable slow-drag while creating or editing Dynamic Corners by holding down CMD/Ctrl; the divider value is set in the Dynamic Corner preferences.
  • New feature: You can now constrain a Dynamic Corner's radius by holding down Shift while creating or editing it (constrained values depend on the zoom level).
  • New feature: The Dynamic Corners panel now has a new menu item "Select All Corners on Selected Paths" with an icon shortcut.
  • Improvement: Smart Removing points that lie exactly along a straight line no longer creates unnecessary handles.
  • Improvement: Smart Removing from certain symmetrical shapes that formerly resulted in slightly different handle lengths now keeps handle lengths the same when possible.
  • Improvement: The PathScribe panel menu has been reorganized with submenus so it is easier to navigate.
  • Improvement: Dynamic Measure can now use a delta symbol or the letter "d" on both platforms when indicating the vertical and horizontal offset components of the measure.
  • Improvement: When the distance between two selected points (as displayed at the top of the PathScribe panel) rounds to zero due to the precision setting, it is now indicated as being below a certain value rather than "0".
  • Improvement: The PathScribe menu item "Start Path at Selected Point" may now be recorded in an action.
  • Improvement: PathScribe now snaps to path segments with the same radius as the snaps to anchor points and handles.
  • Improvement: Delaunay Triangulation can now be done using the bounding box centers of the selected art, in addition to their anchor points.
  • Improvement: When using the Extend Path tool in Matched Radius mode, pressing the left or right arrow keys will automatically switch to Scaled Radius mode.
  • Bug fix: Adjusting a non-90° Standard method Dynamic Corner by one of its endpoints no longer causes its radius to jump erratically.
  • Bug fix: Precision values of 5 or 6 digits in PathScribe settings files are now restored correctly.
  • Bug fix: Creating Dynamic Crescents with outer width of 50% and inner width of 0% might no longer be corrupted.
  • Bug fix: Fixed potential crash when previewing in "Create Standard Spur Gear..." dialog with Dynamic Shapes tool selected and a parameter changed (Mac).
  • PathScribe's "Enable Anchor Point Dragging" preference and subpreference have been removed.
WidthScribe v3.6.4
  • Improvement: The Width Eraser tool annotation color now matches the Width Selector tool.
  • Bug fix: The Width Eraser tool no longer crashes after removing a path’s last non-zero-width marker.
  • Bug fix: The Width Eraser tool no longer crashes when a path with multiple strokes has focus on a stroke ineligible for variable width (such as a Bristle Brush stroke).

Randomino release - 07 Mar 2022

ColliderScribe v3.7.4
  • Bug fix: Fixed issue with outline mode Space Fill when the global ruler zero point is extremely far away from the original source art