Technical Updates

Reprofile tool release - 10 May 2022

Reform v2.0.0
AstuteBuddy v1.4.9
  • Latest keyboard shortcuts for the new Reprofile tool, part of the Reform plugin

April 2022 bug fixes - 14 Apr 2022

InkScribe v2.6.4
  • Bug fix: Annotation buttons are now displayed correctly (Windows).
VectorScribe v4.8.5
  • Bug fix: Dynamic Measures saved with a document no longer randomly disappear when the document is reopened.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem with "Distance Along Path" values (as measured by the Dynamic Measure tool with Snap To Guides off) being possibly calculated incorrectly.
  • Bug fix: Fixed problem where degree symbol could come out incorrectly when Dynamic Measure converted to art (Mac).
  • Bug fix: The Dynamic Corners tool no longer displays the annotation tip when Moving Corners incorrectly (Mac).
  • Bug fix: The Dynamic Shapes panel menu item "Duplicate Shape and Reverse Slice" is no longer erroneously disabled immediately after use.