Create custom profile for Reprofile in Illustrator

Create custom profile for Reprofile in Illustrator

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In this quick tip we’re going to give you a quick overview of the Reprofile tool (part of the Reform plugin) and show you how you can add your own profile that can then be used on other paths in your art work.

  • We have created this simple open path, which will hopefully look like fur when applied. Note that you must have the start and end points as the outer most points in your profile.

  • To save the profile you first need to select it, click inside the Reprofile panel to activate, and then click the Plus Icon button.

  • The Profile Attributes Dialogue will up and give a preview of your path.

  • Give it a name, and leave the defaults as is for now, you can always change them later.

  • Click OK when you’re ready.

  • Click inside the panel to activate the tool.

  • Select your profile and drag out your first offset marker as you would with the Reform tool, then click and drag more markers to change the reprofile path.

  • To delete a marker simply double-click it.

  • If you need to reposition your profile, you can move the start/end delimiters markers by dragging them along the path. 

  • When you’re happy, click Apply.

  • To change the annotation color, open the flyout menu to access the Reprofile Preferences.

  • To edit the defaults of your custom profile, double-click the profile in the Reprofile panel. Here you can change the corner type, height, and repeat distance.


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