Replace anchor points with a vector in Illustrator

Replace anchor points with a vector in Illustrator

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In this quick tip we'll show you how you can convert all anchor points on a path into a vector object using the FindReplace Plugin.

⭐️ Create an arc - we’ve used the Arc By Points Tool part of SubScribe

⭐️ Add extra anchor points - we’ve used PathScribe’s Add Extra Points to Selected Paths button (VectorScribe)

⭐️ Open the FindReplace Art panel (Window > Astute Graphics > FindReplace Art)

⭐️ Select your path and look for the Geometry of it by pressing the eye dropper in the FindReplace Art panel

⭐️ Ensure the objects you want to replace with are grouped together and select them

⭐️ In the FindReplace panel, go to the Replace section at the bottom and select the eye dropper tool

⭐️ Select After Rotation to Match so the objects follow the paths rotation

⭐️ Select Pick from Group - You can chose randomly or consecutively

⭐️ In the Positioning dropdown select All Anchor Points

⭐️ Click Replace All

⭐️ Your anchor points have now been replaced with your objects

⭐️ If you’re not happy with the first result, Undo and select Replace All again


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