I just made a purchase but I haven’t received anything

You should have received an automated email on the email address that you used... Read more »

I don't want to move to the Annual Service Plan

If you are already using previously-purchased plugins from us, they will continue to work as they... Read more »

I can't find my license keys

License keys are only necessary if you haven't yet moved to our Annual Service Plan or if you’re... Read more »

How to setup Astute Manager on Windows

1. Download Astute Manager (Windows)Download Astute Manager for Windows »2. Open downloadUse the... Read more »

How to setup Astute Manager on macOS

1. Download Astute Manager (macOS)Download for macOS 10.10+ »2. Open downloadLocate the download... Read more »

What is the Annual Service Plan?

Based on extensive feedback over many years Astute Graphics has changed over to a new Annual... Read more »