Subscription Cancellation Policy

Last updated 1 April 2022

Having purchased a subscription with a debit or credit card, you will automatically be billed annually for a further 12 months service using the card payment details you have entered.

How to cancel

You may choose to cancel renewal of your plan at any time (up to 7 days prior to renewal date) by logging into your account or clicking on “My Account” within Astute Manager. You will then see the heading “Subscription” and a “Manage Subscription” link. You can then click on the “Cancel Renewal” button.

If you choose to Cancel your renewal then the benefits of your subscription will continue until your current billing period ends.

If your plan remains active for renewal, then a reminder email will be sent to you 7 days prior to payment being taken.

Astute Graphics offers a “7 day money back guarantee”. Once your subscription has been renewed through successful payment, you have 7 days in which to email us requesting a full refund if you decide you no longer require the service (email