InkFlow - NEW ink simulation features!

InkFlow - NEW ink simulation features!

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One of the great benefits of the annual subscription is to not only bring you brand-new tools and effects right to your desktop via Astute Manager, but also to be able to improve and update on those tools and deliver them when ready. InkFlow was one of these new tools.

Originally released in 2020, InkFlow is a creative companion to our established sketching tool, DynamicSketch, but built from the ground up with vector drawing technology exclusive to Astute Graphics. InkFlow v2 now brings you realistic sketch results, helped by its ballpoint, brush, calligraphic and marker pen and user-defined presets.

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Ground-breaking vector ink simulation

We are now taking InkFlow a major step further with exciting, new ink simulation controls:

  1. Feathering (where the ink “feathers” into the paper along the edges)

  2. Bleed (where the start of the stroke blotches due to excess ink)

  3. End-tapering (where the nib leaves the paper slowly at the end of the stroke) - combined control with bleed

  4. Splatters (similar to our new AG Splatter effect, but now taking into account brush width, calligraphic effects, etc.)

Each control is variable and are purely scaleable, being vector.

With added paper textures

To supplement these new ink simulation effects and controls, we have also created 16 unique paper textures for direct use in our Texturino plugin to further enhance the realism.


The textures are immediately available to all Astute Graphics subscribers (purchase required). Download directly from your Astute Graphics account.

How to use

To find out how to use these new features – and see them in action – check out the overview video...

We also demonstrate how using these pens and new ink simulation can help you make great artwork in Adobe Illustrator...

As with any Astute Graphics tool available to subscribers and those in the free 7-day trial period, experimentation leads to exciting new possibilities. We would love to see how you use these new and creative effects in your own artwork! Share your work on Instagram or Twitter and use #astutegraphics. We'll be happy to share your work.

For full details of all other plugin updates, please see our Technical Updates page.

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