Introducing the brand new AG Block Shadow tool in Stylism

Introducing the brand new AG Block Shadow tool in Stylism

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New AG Block Shadow Tool

Today is the launch of our next new tool for Stylism, the AG Block Shadow tool, complementing our recently added AG Offset tool. Make a BIG impact with live block (long) shadows! Click-and-drag to apply to any object including editable text, vector art and groups. Use the Scale and Gap options for extra creativity.

  • Apply Block Shadows to editable text and art

  • Apply interactively to ensure creativity

  • Simulate vanishing points

  • Works with all live Effects

Already on the plan or in a trial period and want to try it now?


  1. Quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator

  2. Load the Astute Manager

  3. Click on the top Update Plugins button

  4. After the Astute Manager has completed the updates, re-run Illustrator

You can find the new AG Block Shadow tool stacked under the Stylism tool. The associated panel automatically opens when you switch to the tool, or is found under Window > Stylism > AG Offset Panel. You're done!

Need help? Here's some more information...

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As always, we love to see how you use our tools and what you create, so please tag us on your social media posts with #astutegraphics and we'll share your work. Who knows? You may even become a featured artist on our blog!

Below is the first of the overview videos, you can find the full playlist of all the new features and additions to the subscription here »

Tech spec

  • Interactive tool with live block (long) shadow preview

  • Works on all art including text (maintain edit-ability), vectors, groups and targeted layers

  • Precise shadow angle and distance control

  • Set shadow fill color

  • Scale option to simulate vanishing point

  • Gap option for added creativity

  • Automatically shadow stroke style (weight, dashes, brush and profile)

  • Can be applied to object, stroke or fill via Appearance panel

  • True and clean vector shadow shape result

  • Detach to access editable result

  • Control all attributes with keypresses (works with AstuteBuddy)

  • Preferences to customize the way you work with the tool

  • Works with other native and Astute Graphics live Effects

  • Easily apply shadow Effect to other objects with Eyedropper Tool or Graphic Styles

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