macOS Catalina compatibility

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macOS Catalina (10.15) is the latest operating system by Apple. It introduces some very interesting relevant features including Sidecar, a way to make your iPad work like a Wacom stylus display device. Apple have been busy promoting Adobe Illustrator as one of the key examples of the new system in use in the lead-up to the release of Catalina.

Unusually, this macOS update also presents one of the few breaking changes with plugins. This is all down to the heightened Gatekeeper.

Gatekeeper was introduced some years ago in the System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General dialogue where users were given the option to install software from the App Store and/or identified developers (such as Astute Graphics).

With Catalina, developers have had to jump through a new set of hoops to bring software safely to Apple's latest desktop operating system. Thankfully, Astute Graphics started developing the Astute Manager in April 2017. This heavy investment has become key to deploying software on Catalina following additional developments that became necessary in recent months.

Subscribers and Catalina

It's simplicity itself to operate your subscribed plugins on macOS Catalina! Simply download and replace your existing installation of the Astute Manager with the latest version (v1.0.5).

You can download freely from the Astute Manager page.


  1. Download the latest Astute Manager
  2. Quit Astute Manager (if previously installed and running)
  3. Replace your existing copy of the Astute Manager in the Applications folder with the newly downloaded version
  4. Run the Astute Manager from the Applications folder.

If you haven't installed the plugins yet, use the latest Astute Manager to download and install. If you already have previous plugins installed, if they no longer operate on Catalina, use the Astute Manager to Uninstall All and Install Plugins once more.

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This upgrade is all part of the benefits to customers who subscribe.

Not yet subscribed?

It's very easy to start benefitting from all plugins today! Customers of previous versions can upgrade with a discount already in their account.

If you're not yet ready to subscribe and wish to continue using the legacy plugins on Catalina, please refer to this support page.

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