Select like a pro with Super Marquee!

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Welcome to a fantastic new tool in Adobe Illustrator thanks to the Astute Graphics subscription!

The Super Marquee Tool, a powerful addition to the popular ColliderScribe plugin, delivers a whole new level of precise and creative artwork object selection.

Already on the plan or in a trial period and want to try it now?


  1. Quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator
  2. Load the Astute Manager
  3. Click on the top Update Plugins button
  4. After the Astute Manager has completed the updates, re-run Illustrator

You can find the new Super Marquee tool stacked under the main Select tool. You're done!

Need help? Here's some more information...

About the Super Marquee tool

Native selection tools are very restrictive in what and how objects can be selected. For starters, your selection marquee are either rectangular (main Select and the Direct Select tools), whilst the Lasso Tool can be fiddly and time-consuming. The main selection tools also pose the risk of moving artwork rather than click-dragging a marquee; a very common issue.

Located in the Illustrator toolbox under the main Select tool, Super Marquee brings solutions to these issues with rectangular, square, elliptical and circular marquee shape options, plus the non-moving of objects.

As a very welcome addition, an easily accessible mode ensuring that only artwork completely contained within the marquee is selected offers a welcome relief to tricky object selections.

However, it's the creative options in this new tool that will capture the imagination. Random object selections within the marquee area, alternating patterns, quick keystroke access for experimentation (working beautifully with AstuteBuddy) and much more now awaits!

Discover more in these videos

Random Selection

Alternating Selection

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