Wednesday 1 July 2020
  16:00 BST
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Return to logo hacking with the Rambling Illustrator!

A return to the wonderful Logo Modernism book published by Taschen. This follows our previous, popular webinar where vector logo creation techniques were hacked for speed and accuracy.

You can watch that episode here...

Once again, it's time to share amazing tips and tricks on working faster to get the job done in a shorter time.

What is the Rambling Illustrator?

The Rambling Illustrator is Astute Graphics CEO & Founder, Nicholas van der Walle, who returns in a completely unscripted exploration aimed at all users of Adobe Illustrator; those who currently use Astute Graphics plugins and those who have yet to fully discover them.

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You can see the full recording of previous material, plus bonus additions on the dedicated Youtube playlist.


Breaking the speed limit... again!

Our own "special sauce" tips and tricks on how to work fast! Each will be a small flash of inspiration for any particular vector creative situation.

Want to suggest a tip or trick in Illustrator using native or Astute Graphics tools? Ensure you sign up to our AG Community slack group and then post your suggestion!

Take stock!

Note: Take stock will feature on a time-dependant basis in this webinar, depending on the number of speed tips and tricks we work through.

Attendees will be asked to nominate a random vector stock artwork that exists in Adobe Stock. The artwork will then be downloaded and examined with a view to tailoring the design to suit individual needs.

Particular attention will be given how to pick design apart, plus deal with less-than-ideal structure and technical building techniques.

We'll cover:

Ways to reduce your file size
Take stock!

Your hosts for this webinar:

Nicholas van der Walle
CEO & Founder

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