Astute Manager roadmap

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Deactivate and uninstall in Astute Manager

You may wish to deactivate your machine if you wish to:Transfer your license activation to... Read more »

Detail control in Astute Manager

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Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

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Discovering and installing Annual Service Plan plugin updates

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Do I need an Astute Graphics account to use the Astute Manager?

Yes and it's free to do so! To create one, simply start a free 14 day trial. No payment is... Read more »

How do I Deactivate or Uninstall my plugin(s)?

There are a number of circumstances under which you may wish to either deactivate or uninstall... Read more »

How do I install with Astute Manager?

Please note that this isn't applicable if you are an existing customer who hasn't yet switched to... Read more »