I'm having problems installing, what should I do?

If you are seeing a "Licensing Inactive" warning in Illustrator, please see Why am I... Read more »

Discovering and installing plugin updates

Please ensure you have updatedto Astute Manager v2 before proceeding. An easy way to... Read more »

How do I install with Astute Manager?

Please note that this isn't applicable if you are a legacy customer who hasn't yet... Read more »

Do I need an Astute Graphics account to use the Astute Manager?

Yes and it's free to do so! To create one, simply start a free 7 day trial! No payment is... Read more »

How do I deactivate or uninstall my legacy plugins?

This article is for users of legacy plugins. If you are already benefiting from the subscription... Read more »

Detecting and adding plugins to new installations of Illustrator

Please ensure you have updated to Astute Manager v2 before proceeding. An easy way to tell the... Read more »

What is Astute Manager?

Astute Manager is our gateway to managing all Astute Graphics plugins in a few steps.... Read more »

Uninstalling the Astute Manager from your system

If you have previously installed the Astute Manager and are no longer managing... Read more »