How to show, hide and quit Astute Manager

2 minute read • Last updated 2020-12-22

Show the Astute Manager


Clicking on the Astute Manager menu bar icon (highlighted below) toggles between showing and hiding the Astute Manager window.



The Astute Manager, found in the Windows Tray (highlighted below), toggles between showing and hiding the Astute Manager window.


Hiding the Astute Manager window

Clicking outside the Astute Manager hides the window.

You can re-open the window by using the same "show" methods described above.

Quit the Astute Manager

Click on Quit, at the bottom of the left-hand menu, to quit the Astute Manager.


macOS users

The second method on macOS, is to click anywhere in the Astute Manager window to ensure it has the focus. Then press CMD-Q. However, caution is needed for this method as the style of the interface doesn't necessarily ensure it's obvious that the window is in focus. Therefore, it's possible that you will unexpectedly quit another application.

Quitting the Astute Manager when there's no internet connection

If the Astute Manager fails to connect to the Astute Graphics servers, you will be presented with a warning windows like this:


To quit the Astute Manager click on the Close Astute Manager button.


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