Is your software compatible with my version of Adobe Illustrator?

All Annual Service Plan plugins currently have the following software... Read more »

What are Legacy Licenses?

Legacy Licenses are historical licenses (a license type that is no longer offered and so... Read more »

Is your software compatible with Illustrator 2020?

Yes, our software is fully Illustrator 2020 compatible (full compatibility information).Please... Read more »

macOS Catalina compatibility

The advice on this page has been updated 23 October 2019 following extended test and feedback... Read more »

Unified Installer Installation Method

This method is only applicable if you haven't yet moved to our Annual Service Plan or if you’re... Read more »

Plugin Release Dates Pre-Annual Service Plan

This only applies if you haven't yet switched to the Annual Service Plan and you need to check... Read more »

Continuing to use your legacy plugins in CC2019

If you are a legacy user and you’re not ready to move to the Annual Service Plan, please note... Read more »

When did you end Support for Illustrator CS6?

In July of 2019 it was decided that the time had finally come for Astute Graphics to... Read more »

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