How do I extend a Reseller Team License for a further 12 months?

2 minute read • Last updated 2022-08-31

2 weeks before a team is due to expire, you will see the option to “Extend license” next to the team.

To find this, log in to your customer account and select Teams from the dashboard, you won’t find a billing portal however, any expired teams or those approaching expiry within 14 days will have an “Extend license” option next to them.

You have 2 months after the team expiry date to “Extend" the team license for another 12 months. 2 months after its expiry date, the team will disappear and it will be necessary to start again by buying a new one.

Clicking on "Extend license" will take you through to an address confirmation page. For companies with a VAT number, you can also add your VAT number at this stage to avoid being charged local VAT/sales tax.
At this point you will also have the option to add or remove seats if you wish using the plus or minus button.

If all address details are correct, please click “Continue to payment” to complete payment.

For more information on using Team Licensing, please see the Team Licensing Guide for Resellers.