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Retro Supply Packs

The Texture Snack Pack, as we call it, generously supplied by RetroSupply contains a total of 23 high resolution textures (335mb) from scratched surfaces to halftone patterns and many more. Feel free to use them on any project, personal or commercial, and share your work with us! You can find more Retro Supply texture packs and free resources for Illustrator here.

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How to import your texture packs

Get more from Texturino with Pro Texture Packs

Exclusively crafted for use in Texturino, these packs allow you to extend the range of textures you can instantly apply to artwork within Adobe Illustrator.

Please regularly check on our social media feeds and email newsletters for news of additional Pro Texture Packs exclusive to Texturino customers.

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Apply textures to layers in Adobe Illustrator

Get more from DynamicSketch with this FREE Brush Set

Exclusively crafted for use with DynamicSketch by Glitschka Studios, these brushes will allow you to extend your artistic range with DynamicSketch and Adobe Illustrator.

Von Glitschka is the creative director of Glitschka Studios and host of the weekly creative series ‘Drawing Vector Graphics Laboratory’ by LinkedIn Learning.

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Brush sets for DynamicSketch from Von Glitschka Studios

How to save your brush sets