The Glitschka Studios Brush Pack - AG Exclusive

The Glitschka Studios Brush Pack - AG Exclusive

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One of the great benefits of working with the best designers and illustrators in the industry is when you can collaborate with them. Once again, our friend of the "family", Von Glitschka, has developed an exclusive set of brushes for all our Astute Graphics annual subscription customers. 

Von has created these completely from scratch, here's a couple of images of the work in progress...

This new pack has 40 new brushes, here is an example video from Von showing how he's using a couple of the brushes in a piece of artwork he's created, you can find more videos from Von on his LinkedIn Learning page:

Log into your account today, download the FREE packs and start creating!

If you haven't signed up for an annual subscription yet, you can do that RIGHT HERE and then access all 19 of our professional, time saving and creative plugins PLUS all of our resource packs including graphic styles, textures and brushes!

Von's previous set, The Drag 'n' Draw Vector Brush Pen Set, also only for annual subscription customers, was and still is a hugely favourite resource download and available in your Astute Manager account area.

Von is a pro when it comes to brush packs and has more available for sale on his RetroSupply store page or on his own website

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