Create 100% scalable halftones

Create 100% scalable halftones

1 minute read

A quick and easy way to create 100% scalable vector halftones in your Illustrator artwork. The Phantasm plugin for Adobe Illustrator allows you to easily make halftones from circles, squares, characters or even symbols. Follow this simple tutorial to get yourself started:

👄 Draw a circle

👄 Apply a radial gradient, the length of the gradient will determine the decrease in halftone sizes

👄 Open the Phantasm panel (Window > Astute Graphics > Phantasm), and click the Halftones button (top-right)

👄 Reduce the DPI value to create larger halftones

👄 It's a live Effect, so if you need to make changes, click the Halftones button again to go back in and adjust it

👄 Change the blending mode and opacity of the shape, and move it to the back of your artwork


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