Create a die cut sticker effect in Illustrator

Create a die cut sticker effect in Illustrator

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In this quick tip we’re going to show you how to make multiple offsets to create a die cut sticker effect to this artwork using AG Offset (part of the Stylism plugin).

πŸ“ Group all your objects together.

πŸ“ Select the whole group and head up to the AG Offset Panel (Window > Astute Graphics > AG Offset).

πŸ“ Use the Flyout menu on the panel to select the [Default Settings].

πŸ“ Check that Treat Group as Compound Shapes is selected.

πŸ“ Change the fill colour to black for the first outline.

πŸ“ Click the Apply AG Offset button.

πŸ“ This could take a little while to complete as it’s combining all the shapes to be treated as one compound path.

πŸ“ You can adjust the distance using the up/down arrows or entering a value.

πŸ“ Head into the Appearance panel and you will see your AG Offset applied to the group, you can turn it on and off here.

πŸ“ Duplicate the Effect by dragging it down onto the Plus icon.

πŸ“ The AG Offset panel now shows Copy 1 and Copy 2 of the Effect.

πŸ“ Switch to Copy 2 (which is the latest one) and change the fill color to white.

πŸ“ Now adjust the distance again, and you can then switch back to Copy 1 to adjust that effect too.


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