Create a snow splatter effect in Adobe Illustrator

Create a snow splatter effect in Adobe Illustrator

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In this tutorial you will learn how to create a splatter effect in Adobe Illustrator using the Stylism plugin! Follow these simple steps and your design will become more wintery in just a few clicks!

Creating a splatter effect in Illustrator is SNOW trouble at all, let us show you how:

💥 Draw out the stroke you’d like the splatter to follow

💥 Ensure the path is the right color

💥 Open the AG Splatter Panel and click Apply AG Splatter

💥 In the Positioning dropdown, select Replace original

💥 In the Style drop, select Use original

💥 Mess around with the size, throw, spread and shape sliders

💥 Increase the density SLOWLY (Warning: it can go up to ‪99999.99‬% and that will take some processing power!)

💥 Change the profile of the Size splatter so that it starts big and then becomes smaller the further down the path it gets

💥 Draw out other paths with the splatter effect (make sure New Art has Basic Appearance is unselected in the Appearance panel)


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