Extending paths in Illustrator with AG Architect

Extending paths in Illustrator with AG Architect

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AG Architect is a live effect tool from the Stylism plugin that lets you extend paths in Adobe Illustrator. Either extend as straight lines or following the natural curve of the original path, and on open or closed paths. You can also add tapers and dashes, and randomize the length.

Watch this quick tip which adds dashed extensions to these arcs:

👀 Select the paths you want to extended

👀 Navigate to AG Architect (Window > Astute Graphics > AG Architect)

👀 Extend the strokes relatively by 90% their length

👀 Use the original stroke settings

👀 Extend as a smooth curve extension

👀 Extend with a dashed end style that is 100% relative to it’s original length

👀 Click the Apply AG Architect button

👀 This is a live effect so you can continue to change any of the settings

👀 Optionally enable the Randomize section at the bottom

👀 When you’re happy you can go up to the Flyout menu > Detach all the AG Architect Effects


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