Halftone shading - A quick how to

Halftone shading - A quick how to

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If you want to add halftone shading to your vector artwork, here’s a quick guide on how-to using Phantasm:

🍣 Duplicate the object you’d like to add shading to. Quickest way ⌘ / Ctrl + C (copy) then ⌘ / Ctrl + F (Paste in Front).

🍣 Change the top object to have a liner gradient. Dark = dot. Light = not.

🍣 In the Phantasm panel click the Halftone icon (top right).

🍣 In the Halftone popup window you can change the color output of the dots, the quality, size, and adjust how many dots are gained across the gradient.

🍣 Click OK to apply the live effect.

🍣 You can still adjust your gradient, or back into the Halftone window to adjust your settings.

🍣 100% vector halftones in one easy to use panel!


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