Have more control over the Transform Effect in Illustrator

Have more control over the Transform Effect in Illustrator

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Have more control over the Transform Effect with the Stylism Plugin.

The Stylism Tool has an easy to use UI-widget to help you control some of the Live Effects in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Transform Object with Stylism:

  • Select the object you want to transform

  • Click the Stylism Tool in the Advanced toolbar

  • Click the Transform Live Effect button in the panel that opens

  • With the Ui-widget increase the number of copies

  • Pick which 9-square you want as your reference point

  • Click and drag out to move the copies

  • Scale using the bounding box corner squares

  • Move the cursor outside a corner to see the rotation annotations and then rotate

  • If you want to make further adjustments you can find the Transform Effect applied to the object in the Appearance panel, or just reselect the Stylism Tool from the tool bar


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