How to add multiple offsets to an open path in both direction

How to add multiple offsets to an open path in both direction

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In this quick tutorial we are going to show you how to add multiple offsets to an open path in both directions using AG Offset (part of the Stylism plugin) & AG Trim + Join Tool (part of the DynamicSketch plugin).

Lets get started:

💥 To start off, we are going to draw the path and apply a color we can easily see on the background.

💥 Select the AG Offset Tool from the Toolbar, it’s stacked under the Stylism Tool. The AG Offset Panel will automatically open.

💥 Drag out your offset using the tool. You can cycle through different preview colors by using the C keyboard shortcut.

💥 Use the up / down arrows to increase and decrease the number of offsets.

💥 Release the mouse to apply the AG Offset Effect.

💥 In the AG Offset Panel click the Both Directions button.

💥 When you’re happy with the distance and number of offsets, navigate up to the fly out menu on the AG Offset panel and Detach All Selected AG Offsets. You now have multiple strokes.

💥 To trim down our strokes to match the shape behind, we are using the AG Trim + Join Tool (part of DynamicSketch) which will trim the paths to the nearest point. This tool is stacked under the Eraser icon in the toolbar.

💥 Click and drag the trim + join cursor along your paths, it will work on multiple paths.

💥 Once you have your final offsets you can change their colour and stroke width.


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