How to create optical illusion OppArt in Adobe Illustrator

How to create optical illusion OppArt in Adobe Illustrator

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Ever fancied trying out the new OppArt optical illusion effect but didn’t know how to make it? Well this tutorial will take you through a simple step by step to get you on your way to creating magical designs!

➡️ Embed the image you’d like to widthstamp

➡️ Use Phantasm to increase the contrast and invert the colors

➡️ Open WidthStamp, and in the fly out menu reset to Default Settings

➡️ Select Make with Preset

➡️ Change the Preset dropdown to Concentric Circles

➡️ Change the output Color

➡️ Increase the spacing of the circles

➡️ In the Width Profile change the min and max stroke widths, and use the graph to change the width gain

➡️ Alter the Fidelity and Smoothing settings

➡️ Give the artwork a background


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