How to make a 3D glitter effect with text and 'cookie cutter'

How to make a 3D glitter effect with text and 'cookie cutter'

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Step 1: Create a new document 1080px x 1080px

Step 2: Now draw a black rectangle to fill the whole document as the background. Then lock the layer.

Step 3: Now for the artwork, create a new layer above the black background. 

Step 4: Open Inkflow Window > Astute Graphics > InkFlow and select the brush pen. This is the only time we’ll need InkFlow, it’s just a nicer, more flexible brush to draw with and then tweak the settings. Draw out, from left to right a swirly pattern as shown, keep the loops quite close together. The color of the brush doesn’t matter so much as we are going to add a glitter brush to this.

Step 5: Open the Brushes panel, Window > Brushes. Then from the flyout, open the Glitter Pack that is available FREE from your Astute Manager account window. Brushes > Open Brush Library > Other library – then locate where you saved your brushes. This opens up the panel for that particular set.

Step 6: With the swirls selected, choose a glitter brush that isn’t too thick and also a color that will contrast against the text we are going to add. For this we are using a gold brush. Click on the selected brush to apply to the swirls. This now overides the InkFlow live settings so you can close that panel.

Step 7: Now select the type tool and type SPARKLE in a handwritten style font such as MarketOT from Adobe Fonts. Increase the size to almost cover the whole glitter shape.

Select a bright color, such as magenta, then switch the fill and stroke so that the text only have a stroke, then adjust to a suitable thickness. You can also resize the glittle curves by resizing with the transform controls.

Step 8: Now outline the text, Type > Create Outlines. Ensure the type is on top of the gold glitter swirl pattern. Then with both the type and the swirl selected go to VectorScribe's NEW feature (AKA the cookie cutter) Object > Path > Path Intersection. Select Cut Paths / Ignore self intersections / Don’t alter topmost path. Click OK. Then move the text behind the swirl in the layer panel. Object > Arrange > Send to back

Step 9: Now we’re going to start selecting the cut pieces of glitter (look in your layers panel to see all the pieces) and where you want the path to go to the back just select it and go to Object > Arrange > Send to back. Do this to a few of the pieces and after a while you will have made the glitter look like its passing through the letters. 


Step 10: Finally, and this is the cool part about InkFlow, let’s open that panel up again and if you select your brush tool from the start, you can actually extend and continue adding some flourishes to the ends of each end of the curly pattern, as you bring the brush to the end of the path you will see a small chain icon, this means you can continue to draw and the path will adopt the glitter effect.

 You can also see some of this process in the Astute Graphics webinar from December 2nd 2020, below

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