How to make a bloating vector petal shape in Illustrator

How to make a bloating vector petal shape in Illustrator

2 minute read

In this quick tip we are going to demonstrate how you can create a vector bloat on paths by adding anchor points and then adjusting multiple handles at once in Illustrator.

We'll be using:

  • Select All Handles on the Selected Path button, also part of the PathScribe Panel


🌼 Draw out an arc with the Arc by Points Tool (part of the SubScribe plugin)

🌼 Open the PathScribe Panel which is part of VectorScribe (Window > Astute Graphics > PathScribe)

🌼 Click the Plus button to add more points to path - by default it will add one point between each existing point with each press. Top tip: Hold the Alt / Option key when you click the Plus button to open the preferences so you can change the defaults.

🌼 Click the Select All Handles on the Selected Path button

🌼 Make sure you’re in the Counter-rotation mode. It says this at the bottom of the PathScribe Panel. If you’re in Normal rotation mode, press the C key to toggle over.

🌼 Drag one of the selected handles up and out from your circle and all the handles will follow

🌼 Release the mouse when you’re happy to create a vector bloated shape


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