How to quickly straighten up your artwork in Illustrator

How to quickly straighten up your artwork in Illustrator

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The Straighten Tool is part of the SubScribe plugin and allows you to quickly straighten up your artwork. DDC Design named it as one of his Top 5 Tools from Astute Graphics:

“I noticed [the] right side’s corner was a couple of clicks higher than the left. Somewhere along the way it must’ve got tweaked? This stuff haunts me. Run the Straighten Tool along the bottom of it and it perfectly straighten the points”.

It’s good practice, it’s good design, and it’s just one click. Read on to see how it works:

  • The Straighten Tool is stacked under the Connect Tool and is part of the SubScribe plugin.

  • Hover over a path with the Straighten Tool to see a preview of the result.

  • Click to implement the change.

  • No need to have the path selected, just hover over another path to continue.


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