How to use path intersections

How to use path intersections

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How to use the Path Intersections menu item, or also known by it’s unofficial name “the cookie cutter”. Path Intersections comes as part of the VectorScribe plugin and can be found in the menu under Object > Path > Path Intersections.

🍜 Once you have selected all the objects you want to cut, draw the shape you want to use as your cutting guide, and ensure it’s at the top of all the objects.

🍜 Select all and head up to Object > Path > Path Intersections…

🍜 A new dialog will open and you can choose to add points at these intersections, or cut the paths at intersections.

🍜 You can enable it to only use the top most object as the cutting guide, ignore any self intersections, and not adjust the top most object.

🍜 Once you click OK your paths will have either had extra points added at the intersections, or cut along those intersections, depending on what you chose in the previous step.


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