Measure easier in Illustrator

Measure easier in Illustrator

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Measure anywhere on your artwork with Dynamic Measure, part of the VectorScribe plugin for Adobe Illustrator. Toggle the following information: distance/ angle/ change in horizontal/vertical distance/ distance along path. You can also apply a scaling factor and units of measurement. Ideal tool for planning and architecture, fashion and apparel, manufacturing and packaging, printing and automative artwork. Read on to see how to use this plugin:

💥 Select the Dynamic Measure Tool from the toolbar

💥 In the Dynamic Measure plugin panel change the scaling

💥 Change the output units to your scale

💥 Open the preferences from the flyout menu

💥 Change the precision to 1 digit

💥 Change the default font size and click OK

💥 With the tool, click your starting point and click your end point

💥 An annotation window will appear and when you click the down arrow it will output the dimensions to a new layer

💥 You can move the distance line and text as a group


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