Quick start guide to the Smart Remove Brush Tool in VectorScribe

Quick start guide to the Smart Remove Brush Tool in VectorScribe

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In this quick tip tutorial we’re going to show you how to use the Smart Remove Brush Tool part of the VectorScribe plugin.

➡️  To find the Smart Remove Brush Tool you need to go to the PathScribe icon in the Tool bar, hold down the mouse and then you’ll see the tool stacked in the menu.

➡️  Now hold the mouse down and run the tool across the path. You’ll see it remove excess points.

➡️  Unlike the simplifying option, the Smart Remove Brush will not change the shape of your path, and it leaves behind the best placed points.

➡️  Doing this will not only make your file sizes smaller, it will make you work smarter as a designer, because any excess points can be troublesome later on in your design.


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