Scatter objects along a path in Adobe Illustrator

Scatter objects along a path in Adobe Illustrator

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We speed up our workflow in Illustrator because we CAN! Being able to find and replace objects in Illustrator is so easy with this plugin. You can search on paths, shapes, fill colours, text and loads more. This little introductory tutorial will show you how to swap anchor points for objects.

Let us show you how to scatter objects along a path:

⭐️ Create your open path - we've used DynamicSketch

⭐️ Add extra anchor points if needed - we’ve used PathScribe (VectorScribe)

⭐️ Open the FindReplace panel - you are looking for open paths

⭐️ Hold the shift key when pressing the search icon to make sure you’re finding all the right paths

⭐️ Group your scatter objects together and Select them

⭐️ In the FindReplace panel, go to the Replace With section at the bottom and select the eye dropper tool

⭐️ Select After Rotation to Match so the objects follow the paths rotation

⭐️ Select Pick from Group - You can chose randomly or consecutively

⭐️ In the Positioning dropdown select All Anchor Points

⭐️ Click Replace All

⭐️ Your anchor points have now been replaced by your objects

⭐️ If you’re not happy with the first result, Undo and select Replace All again


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