Symbol variants and Halftones - A quick how to guide

Symbol variants and Halftones - A quick how to guide

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What's better than cats? Drawing cats is so much easier with symbol variants and Halftones! Read on to find out how this is possible with Astute Graphics Plugins.

😻 Create all your varying objects.

😻 Drag one into the Symbols panel and give it a name. Then change it from a Movie Clip to a Graphic, and click OK.

😻 Navigate up to the top menu, and under Object find Create Symbol Variants… (this is a feature added by the Stipplism plugin so make sure that’s installed).

😻 In the pop up window, select which symbol these variants are based on.

😻 Now in your Symbols panel you should see your original symbol, plus all its variants.

😻 We can now create a Halftone Effect with these symbols. Draw the shape you’d like to fill with a Halftone.

😻 Open the Phantasm panel and click the Halftone icon.

😻 Sometimes it’s best to turn the Preview option off before you start editing the live Effect.

😻 In the Shape dropdown you will see your Symbol, and under that a selection box to Include Variants. Choose whether to show them Consecutively or Randomly.

😻 You can adjust the DPI, Pattern and overall Scale in the usual way, then turn the Preview back on to proof the Halftone.

😻 When you’re ready, you can click the OK button, but as it’s a live Effect, you can go back into the Halftone window to adjust all your settings.


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