Whimsical flourishments with DynamicSketch

Whimsical flourishments with DynamicSketch

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My goal here is just to highlight the way I work with a Wacom stylus and DynamicSketch in Adobe Illustrator. Makes for great wooshies and wizzbangs while still staying tidy and lite weight on anchor points / beziers.

The tools that I’m using in this short video are:

  • DynamicSketch – for all the drawings.

    • I use the ‘string’ to help make my lines smoother

    • I also have my accuracy (bullseye) a bit low, because I prefer smooth shapes than super accurate.

    • Toward the end I use some pressure sensitivity

    • I also have ‘repeat sketches’ on so i can keep drawing over my shapes a few times to get them evened out.

  • Smart Remove Brush – this helps me remove any extra anchor points that are not necessary

  • Extend Path Tool – Great for extending strokes or shortening them without changing the path or shape at all. Used in the flower quite a bit.

  • Pathscribe Smooth Point – sometimes when drawing with DynamicSketch you get a few hiccups or sharp corners when you want smooth. One quick way to make all the points have smooth handles is this button.

 Whimsical flourishments with DynamicSketch

Kirk Wallace

Specializing in the world of illustration fused with graphic design, computer science, skateboarding, and thousands of other ingredients, Kirk’s work has a strong focus on strategic solutions executed in an unexpected, unique, and out of the ordinary way. He’s had the fortune to work with a wide range of clients from boutique small businesses diligently over the course of months, to large ad agencies and corporations on tight deadlines. Each project a success, pleasure and privilege.

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