Our plugins pay for themselves after 3 days

Our plugins pay for themselves after 3 days

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In spring 2020, we conducted a survey to both customers who subscribed and non-customers. The findings regarding time-saving were massive. Here are the key findings as a snapshot: 

  • With Astute Graphics, you can save yourself more than $8,500 USD based on averages each year.

  • At $100 per hour*, you’ve saved yourself $58. Every day. At the start of the 3rd day, you’ve paid off the initial year subscription.

  • The average (mean value) time saving = 35 minutes per customer per day.

*Based on the independent Benchmark survey (2019) for design agencies under £1M turnover, 2019.

Here are the detailed and unfiltered results for the key questions from 183 respondents.


The statistics on how much time customers save is probably the most powerful indication we’re on the right track. We're presenting the raw results as this sort of data can be spun in many ways, and it will always depend on organizational or personal circumstances. But here’s an example:

Let’s use one method to work out an “average” time saving:

  • 52 customers saved 60 minutes (minimum) each day = 3,120 minutes total

  • 48 customers saved 45 minutes (median value) each day = 2,160 minutes total

  • 51 customers saved 20 minutes (median value) each day = 1,020 minutes total

  • 32 customers saved 5 minutes (median value) each day = 160 minutes total

Total time saved = 6,460 minutes (that’s 108 hours!) each day by all 183 customer survey respondents.

Therefore, the average (mean value) time saving = 35 minutes per customer.

According to the latest (2019) Benchpress survey Benchmarks For Agencies Under £1M, the average hourly rate charged by agencies in the UK is £80 GBP, which is approximately $100 USD at the time of writing.

Based on $100 per hour, a saving of $58 can be made. Every day. By the start of your 3rd day, you’ve paid off the initial year subscription.

Work 150 days in Illustrator each year? With Astute Graphics, you save over $8,500 USD based on averages each year.

For our customers who benefit from more than one hour time saving each day, a very impressive $15,000+ USD saving is achievable each year.

Only save 5 minutes each day? Sorry, you only benefit from an extra $1,000+ USD each year. We’ll try to get you up to speed with enhanced training.

So, the basics of the product appear to be right for our customers from a financial point of view.

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