5 Star Updates

5 Star Updates

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One of the greatest benefits with our move to the subscription model back in 2019 was our ability to focus even further on large and small user requests. Prior to subscription, each and every technical enhancement had to be judged on individual commercial merits; which customer benefits immediately and which customers would have to pay to access the new features.

On our first anniversary of the subscription, we're now in full-flow adding numerous tweaks and new tools, accessible by all current subscribers! This set of releases demonstrates that fully.

Check out the key new updates in this single video...

Unified menu locations

This has been asked for some years, but again, it made much less sense under the previous individual plugin model; pulling all the Windowand Illustrator (macOS) / Help (Windows) Astute Graphics sub-menus together. Now we can deliver a much neater UI experience.

Many Astute Graphics plugins benefit from panels which are traditionally accessed via the Window menu. Previously, each plugin was listed and featured a sub-menu for the panel(s) associated with that plugin. This was confusing for those less familiar with our tools. For example, how many users would know instinctively that the AG Block Shadow tool was hidden under the Stylism sub-menu? How about Dynamic Measure being part of VectorScribe?

Now, we simply have a single Window > Astute Graphicssub-menu listing all the panels by their actual names! Simplicity itself.

The same treatment was also given to the plugin "About" windows, located under the Illustrator (macOS) or Help(Windows) menus.

In the flow with InkFlow

InkFlow is our latest major, all-new plugin release, and we'll continue to focus on developing this amazing vector sketching and lettering tool for the foreseeable future.

This release brings the highly desirable ability to continue, edit, close and join existing paths.

Simple to write, but delivering sooo such more!

Enhancement to completely ungrouping in VectorFirstAid

The VectorFirstAid panel's fly-out menu recently received enhancement allowing users to completely ungroup artwork in a single process. We've taken than further now, following customer feedback, adding checks and feedback whether that process involves ungrouping artwork which will result in changing the artwork's appearance.

Naturally, we've also added extra control allowing users to skip specific groups which will affect the end visual result.

Connecting the dots and rounding the corner with VectorScribe

VectorScribe remains a great powerhouse for many Illustrator users, as we keep pushing that status forward, now with two customer-led features.

Firstly, the connect path function that's available interactively in SubScribe (Connect tool) is now available via the PathScribepanel's fly-out menu Connect Paths. The advantage of this method is that you can create an action around this operation, thereby connecting two targeted end points on different open paths and smooth connect with a single keypress.

Secondly, the trailblazing Dynamic Corners tool can convert a wider range of less accurately drawn (eg. from imported artwork of unknown origin) rounded corners into true dynamic and accurate rounded corners. Naturally, we have retained access to the previous, stricter method via the Dynamic Corner panel fly-out menu with Convert to Dynamic Corner (Strict).

Don't forget the bonus new Trim and Join tool which we snuck out in the previous round of updates. It's now fully described in this blog post: The NEW AG Trim and Join Tool - What is it?

Taming AstuteBuddy

AstuteBuddy is you're personal helper to get more from Astute Graphics' interactive tools in Illustrator. Want to find out the extra "hidden" gems in PathScribe? Make sure the AstuteBuddy panel is open. The same goes for numerous other Astute Graphics tools including MirrorMe (no free!), SubScribe's various tools, etc.

This update brings something frequently asked; a preference to automatically show and hide the AstuteBuddy panel. Watch this video to learn how to get along best with this feature:

Read the full list of updates

For full information about all updates, including bug fixes, please refer to our technical updates page.

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It's simple to start a 7-day trial to experience all this or more, or re-join the crowd of vector high-flyers with a single annual payment.

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