Astute Graphics uses Xencelabs!

Astute Graphics uses Xencelabs!

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We use our Xencelabs Quick Keys to speed up our workflow. We’ve assigned our top AG Tools to the quick keys. What would yours be??

Here's a quick how-to guide to help you add your Astute Graphics tools to the Xencelabs Quick Keys.

Each member of the Astute Graphics team uses slightly different quick key presses that work best for them. Because we can no longer use Illustrator natively, we have overwritten many of the native keypresses. Here are our most common setups:

  • InkScribe Tool = I

  • Dynamic Sketch Tool = K

  • Reform Tool = `

  • Reprofile Tool = Shift + `

  • Dynamic Shapes Tool = S

  • Dynamic Corners Tool = C

  • Dynamic Measure Tool = M

  • Arc = W

  • PathScribe Tool = D

  • Extend Path Tool = E

We've also made an Instagram video showing how we have used DynamicSketch on the #CreatedwithXencelabs channel. Find out more about the Xencelabs tablet bundles here »


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