Brand New Astute Manager v2 Launched!

Brand New Astute Manager v2 Launched!

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Download, install, trial and manage your plugins.

It's here and it's brand new! Some would say new and improved but for us at Astute Graphics HQ, it is a huge milestone to launch Astute Manager v2. Following customer feedback and a large dose of innovation, the new platform now brings:

  • Improved user interface and user experience.

  • Full information about each plugin directly in the Astute Manager.

  • Details of what's changed in each plugin update.

  • Direct access to bonus resources (Textures, Brushes and Graphic Styles) for subscription customers.

  • Direct access to billing and account pages, including secure payment.

  • All-new plugin licensing system providing added flexibility.

Download and install today

Subscription customers need to update their Astute Manager today. Version 1 will no longer function. Simply use the same Astute Graphics login details and you'll be able to update to the latest plugins instantly.

» macOS 10.10 to 10.15 (Catalina) download

» Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 download

Full download information here.

License system and trial period

The Astute Manager v2 includes a brand new and more flexible licensing system. You simply don't need to think about activation or deactivation any more. If you're logged into the Astute Manager, your licenses will be applied appropriately.

Customers with current subscriptions will be able to access all plugins and resources (texture packs, brushes and graphic styles) direct from the Astute Manager.

Users of the free plugins, MirrorMe, Autosaviour, DirectPrefs and AstuteBuddy will still be able to access these via the Astute Manager v2.

We will also be restarting the 7 day trial period for all non-customers. Please watch our announcement for details.

Useful information:

  1. You will need to launch the Astute Manager on a regular basis (at least once every 3 days, but we recommend daily) to ensure the plugins remain activated.

  2. If you wish to transfer to a different computer, simply log out of the Astute Manager on the previous computer and log in on the new machine. The licensing will follow automatically. You can keep the plugins installed on both (or more) computers, but computers not actively logged into the Astute Manager will deactivate.


All Astute Manager support documentation has been updated to help.

We have also produced these videos as an overview:

Astute Manager roadmap

The Astute Manager's origins are simple; we'd been making amazing, creative and time-saving Adobe Illustrator plugins for over 10 years. And then someone pointed out that our legacy installer was anything but time-saving, requiring nearly 100 clicks(!) and operations to download, install and activate licenses for all those plugins. In short, it was a laborious task that didn't set the scene well.

So, in April 2017, we started on the Astute Manager project. Initially we wanted to simply deliver a better introductory and customer experience for starting trials, installing and maintaining plugins. That resulted in version 1 being released September 2019. It wasn't perfect from a user experience point of view, but it was light years ahead of the old methods, bringing the number of steps required down to a very respectable 8.

The Astute Manager was never going to be a single major leap forward; it was always going to be a number of major and tiny steps to refine and enhance the customer and user experience. This led to the largest internal project for Astute Graphics resulting in the release of version 2 in September 2020, in time for the first anniversary of the new customer subscription service.

Version 2 is the platform to bring many more advantages of the subscription model. Not only is it clearer, more informative and more helpful, but it will also lead to the Astute Manager being core to the Astute Graphics service benefit. It has the power to link together additional internal and external resources, interact with the plugins and save creative customers even more time and energy.

We have already started the conversation of what functions and enhancements will be the priority over in our Astute Graphics community Slack group, which you can join today.

Download the Astute Manager and get involved today!

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