Download, Install, Action!

Download, Install, Action!

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After 13 years selling individual plugins, September 2019 saw the switch over to the Annual Service Plan (subscription), allowing the purchase of all the plugins in one simpler and cheaper transaction. Little did we know then that life, as we know it, would change so much in just a few months’ time. The global pandemic has been a devastating situation for many, but it’s made us work even harder to bring our customers the very best value for money. With this in mind, we’ve listened to your feedback, and now have details on how we’re improving even more.

All of these changes will go live together in the near future. See below.

1. We’ll be introducing a 7-day money-back guarantee

We want you to love your Astute Graphics plugins which is why we will shortly be giving you 7 days to trial them free of charge. However, we understand that sometimes it’s just not meant to be. When all changes below have gone live, if you decide you want to return your plugins up to 7 days after buying from the change date onwards, let us know, and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

2. We’re going to reset the trial period for all

You start your trial, forget all about it, and then before you know it the trial period has expired. We understand how frustrating this is which is why we’re resetting the trial period for absolutely everyone. Whether you’ve trialled before or not, you will get a completely free 7-day trial of all plugins!

3. Astute Manager v2

The Astute Manager has been one of our most well-received changes that we introduced in 2019. It’s now even better than before. We pride ourselves on time-saving software, so we wanted to ensure installing our plugins is as slick as possible. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication, but we’re finally here.

4. New licensing system

We’ve rebuilt our licensing system from the ground-up to fully benefit the subscription model and be more flexible. This change allows us, as a one-off, to reset the trial period for all users and ensure we can offer a clear and fair money-back policy. Other benefits include easier activations and deactivations when working between different computers without needing to restart Illustrator, and improved team license management.

5. Plan your costs better with a subscription

We initially launched our “1 price per year for all plugins” scheme as the Annual Service Plan. From feedback, it’s clear this was confusing, and customers didn’t see any benefit in keeping plugins which would likely lose compatibility in a short time. Therefore, we’re going to make it simpler and switch to “Subscription” in name and operation. Hey, if it’s good enough for Netflix, its good enough for us! Pay the one-off initial fee and receive access to all 20 plugins, all updates, new plugins and customer support for a year. Simple.

Customers who purchased between 14 September 2019 and the upcoming subscription launch are covered by the original Annual Service Plan agreement. Read more...

When is all this stuff happening?

Current plans are for the roll-out to take place end August/early September 2020. Keep your eyes peeled, your inboxes ready to receive our emails and your fingers poised for update button-clicking action!

This roadmap will also lead us to compatibility with the forthcoming leap to macOS 11 plus the anticipated Illustrator 2021 release, each likely late September to early November 2020. We pride ourselves in maintaining compatibility promptly and will continue to work hard to ensure this!

What action will I need to take?

If you have already updated to the latest Astute Manager v1.1.3 (available from, it will automatically update when version 2 becomes available. Alternatively, you will be able to manually download and install Astute Manager v2 following the announcement.

Once you are running the new Astute Manager, you will be prompted to update your plugins which will feature the new license system. Subscribers will retain access to all their purchased tools, whilst non-subscribers will have access to a fresh 7-day trial period as well as the free plugins; MirrorMe, Autosaviour and DirectPrefs.

Note that on the date of change to the Astute Manager v2, the current version 1 will cease to function. Currently, licensed computers should continue to function unless the activation status is affected for any reason. However, it is very highly recommended that users update to the latest software promptly to avoid any access issues.

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