InkFlow - 5 Top Tips

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We recently introduced our NEW plugin INKFLOW and it’s been a huge success!

We have a series of videos on our YouTube channel explaining the settings and some examples showing how to use the pens but in this blog post we are going to cover 5 quick tips you might want to know about InkFlow. If you love drawing and lettering in Illustrator, then you are going to love this new tool!

Change your defaults

In the first version of InkFlow you were able to select each pen with its factory setting, but as soon as you made a change to the pen, the selected pen was no longer highlighted. This was because changes were made and it was no longer the default. In the v1.1.0 update we not only added this feature, but we also enabled the change to be made the new default for the pen until you Shift clicked the pen to reset back to standard default. The same applies for the additional four boxes under the pens, if you wanted to leave your factory defaults but just create temporary settings, you could Alt/Option click the blank box once you had made your changes and then Shift click to reset back to blank

Convert any path

Another cool feature about InkFlow is that you can convert any path to InkFlow, live. Just create a path with the InkFlow settings you require. Then select your standard path or shape and use the eyedropper to click on the InkFlow path and your old path will be converted and the InkFlow settings will apply. It's that simple, although you will need to make some adjustments once converted using the InkFlow panel.

Clean up your artwork

Should you have an unsteady hand, maybe using a mouse (we recommend using the string to help with smoother drawing in this instance) then don’t worry. Although our built in Smart Removal technology is always keeping the points to a minimum, by using VectorScribe’s Smart Point Removal brush and by Alt/Option clicking as you clear a point, you can quickly move around your paths to clean them up and enable smoother looking curves and lines.

Extend those paths

Found yourself finishing drawing a path and then wishing you could extend or shorten it? Then worry not. The VectorScribe Extend Path tool enables you to continue extending or retracting your paths intuitively and easily, and with the additional settings to give you curves or straight lines for your extensions (check Astute Buddy for the shortcuts) you can creatively amend your paths, shapes and lettering in a few simple clicks.

Using Inkflow with other tools

Because InkFlow is a live tool, it also means you can use our additional creative tools such as Stylism including its AG Offset and AG Block Shadow, also Phantasm effects, DynamicSketch to trim crossed paths and even draw in our FREE plugin, MirrorMe. We want to give you tools to be creative with and having the full suite through the subscription means you can try all our tools and in nearly all cases, retain live effects available to revisit in the Appearance panel.

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