Introducing AG Architect + other updates

Introducing AG Architect + other updates

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Style-up with an innovative new effect + more updates

To start of 2021 with a "Wow!", we'd like to introduce AG Architect, an innovative new vector graphic style that's inspired by its namesake profession's hand-drawn stylistic building sketches. Experimentation and imagination ensures this visual effect can deliver magic to illustrations of every type!

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The videos that accompany this latest addition to Astute Graphics' continuously-growing subscription demonstrate the amazing and varied results now possible.

Over the past few months you will have seen the new additions to our Stylism plugin including AG Offset and AG Block Shadow. AG Architect joins these two, with more on the roadmap.

As with any tool available to subscribers and free trialers, experimentation leads to exciting new visual styles and even though we've only covered the core elements in these videos, we would love to see how you use these new, creative additions in your own workflow! Share your work on Instagram or Twitter and use #astutegraphics. We'll be happy to share your work!

Other updates for January 2021

  • All plugins are now compatible with the latest Illustrator 2021 (v25.1) release; both macOS and Windows.

  • Texture tool: opacity control is now available on Knockout textures. See video.

  • Extend Path tool: randomization of lengths for multiple extensions. See video.

  • Arc by Points tool: slow drag for extra control and option to keep selection. See video.

For full details of all changes, please see our Technical Updates page.

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