Christmas Graphic Styles Pack for Adobe Illustrator

Special offer: Christmas styles creativity pack

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Christmas is coming and we decided to create a fun and quirky Christmas Graphic Styles Pack for all our annual subscription plan customers as well as some other cool resources. All these can be found in the Astute Manager panel or in your account page.

These have all been created just for you, and you can see the full set below:

Christmas Styles Pack

Christmas Morning Slippers

Snow Day

Christmas Label Sharpies

Christmas Sweater Weather

Christmas Tinsel

Christmas Berry Stipple

Crunchy Gringe

Frozen Unicorn

Alone at Home

Bauble Grunge

If you are wondering what that's all about, check out this video:

If you haven't used graphic styles before then check out this recent blog post.

This new set of styles was lovingly crafted by our very own Training Manager, Dave Clayton. Dave is a film fan so you'll notice a couple of film references in the styles and names. Just log into your account, download and load them up into Adobe Illustrator and you can start using them in your work, personal or commercial.

Check out the full set of FREE resources we are adding to your subscription this November.

  • Vintage Graphic Styles Pack
  • Christmas Themed Styles Pack
  • Pen and Paper Styles Pack
  • Glitter Brush Pack 

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