The Ultimate Glitter Pack for Adobe Illustrator

Special offer: Glitter brush pack

1 minute read

Who doesn't love glitter?

As part of our big resources giveaway (for annual subscription customers only) we are giving you some FREE creativity packs and we had to include a glitter pack for Christmas!

Lovingly put together by our very own graphic designer, Kim, we have a fun glitter brush pack for you to download and use in your projects, both personal and commercial.

Just login to your account, download and install and start creating! Just use any brush or pen and then with a single click you can apply a brush from a selection of 30!

The ultimate glitter pack includes 5 different colors, and 5 pressure brushes for you to use with your stylus device.

You will need to be a subscriber to access these NEW packs which include:

  • Vintage Graphic Styles Pack
  • Christmas Themed Styles Pack
  • Pen and Paper Styles Pack
  • Glitter Brush Pack

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