Stylism v2.3 - What's new?

Stylism v2.3 - What's new?

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First, we brought you AG Offset for Stylism, a fully live and interactive multiple offset tool. Easily control all effects including number of offsets, final offset fill/stroke color, opacity and more. Then we added AG Block Shadow tool, giving you live block (long) shadows! Click-and-drag to apply to any object including editable text, vector art and groups.

But we heard from you and you wanted more. So we're giving you more. More new creative control for both the AG Offset and AG Block Shadow tools in Stylism v2.3.

In the new series of update videos, we demonstrate the new additions to Stylism v2.3, walking you through all the settings and extra tips.

Already on the plan or in a trial period and want to try it now?


  1. Quit all instances of Adobe Illustrator

  2. Load the Astute Manager

  3. Click on the top Update Plugins button

  4. After the Astute Manager has completed the updates, re-run Illustrator

You can find the updated AG Offset and AG Block Shadow tools stacked under the Stylism tool. The associated panels automatically open when you switch to these tools, or are found under Window > Stylism > .... You're done!

Need help? Here's some more information...

Highlights of new features in Stylism v2.3

AG Offset tool

  • Treat group as compound shapes (YouTube video) - apply visually correct offsets to live text and groups interactively.

AG Block Shadow tool

  • Transparency level and mode (YouTube video) - determine the shadow's transparency without the hassle of resorting to tricks in the Appearance panel.

  • Vanishing point (YouTube video) - define and maintain a common vanishing point for one or more objects.

  • Shadow adopts artwork fill color (YouTube video) - allows block shadows to gain gradient or pattern fills.

  • Fill-level shadow replaces fill (YouTube video) - advanced option requested by users.

For full details of all the new features in this release (and there are many more!), refer to the Technical Updates page.

See it in action, live, in our next webinar

See the new features live in our next, free webinar, 20 May 2020. Register your place here.

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