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Following numerous requests from teams, larger organizations and resellers since Astute Graphics' transition to the Annual Subscription, September 2019, we have been busy creating the perfect team management system. As it's Astute Graphics' first, true, team management system since we started in 2006, we wanted to get things perfect. And we have!

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It's with great pleasure that we've made the new system fully public and available for immediate use.

Not only do volume customers who require three or more licenses receive a discount, but they get access to a system which organizes by Team Owner (eg. the IT or purchasing department), Team Leader (eg. a creative director or team manager) and Team Members (users of the plugins).

Team Owners are able to delegate the distribution of licenses to Team Leaders or allocate the licenses directly. Every step has been honed to ensure minimal management time is required.

Watch an overview of this process:

For comprehensive details on operating the team system, please refer to our dedicated team support page.

Training to get the most from the tools

For teams of 20 users or more, Astute Graphics is also offering complimentary 1:1 consultations for clients to get you started and help identify the easiest initial workflow wins. Whether its saving time or boosting creativity, our skilled and highly experienced team will guide you through the benefits of the wide array of new tools and features.

Teams of 40 and more benefit even further with additional included training!

Read our team training support page for more details.

Benefit from continuous developments

Astute Graphics prides itself in delivering professional tools for creatives and Illustrator operators. Since we moved over to a subscription model, we have proven ourselves with an outstanding rate and quality of releases. These result in many new workflow enhancements, time-saving tools and new design styles for thousands of users and organizations the world over.

Look no further than our Technical Updates page to see what your team could also benefit from!

Listen to what the industry experts have to say:

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Here to support you

As with all of our customers, Astute Graphics has a dedicated and experienced support team to assist with account and technical enquiries. You will receive a personal response from a wonderful human − not a robot or out-sourced service.

If you have any questions, simply ask.

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